The programm for the weekend

Around the rides on Saturday there will be lot's of other activities ☞ which you can, but do not have to, join.

  • Friday, 05.07.2019, meetup and watch "The ATAXIAN. Kyle Bryant one of the lead stars of the movie will join us and take your questions before and after!
  • Saturday, 06.07.2019, the day of the rides.
  • Sunday, 07.07.2019, join us in visiting the largest Therme in Europe or take a tour of the world famous Erding Brauerei Erdinger Weißbräu (if you are in Bavaria you should consider taking a sip of their Weißbier, in particular their Alcohol Free which is famous amongst fitness freaks and people who "don't do enough" a like).

☞ Our program is still evolving and might need to be changed. Any activities mentioned here might be affected by future events and can therefore not be guaranteed.

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