Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever wanted to know about the next rideATAXIA in Germany, but where afraid to ask.

Well guess what? Somebody may just have asked already. Check out these frequently asked questions (and answers).

How do I get there?

Coming by train?

The nearest national train station is Munich.

  • Take a train to Munich main station (München Hauptbahnhof in German).
  • Once in Munich switch to a regional train, called SBahn, labeled S2.
  • Notice the direction Erding.
  • Stay on that train for about 50 min., untill you get to the endpoint called .... Erding.
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  • The SBahn allows you to take a bike with you, but you will have to buy an extra ticket, called Fahrradtageskarte for it.
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From Bahnhof Erding it is about a 10 min. bike ride or half an hour walk to the Kronthaler Weiher.

Check out these pictures to get an idea of the surroundings.
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By car?

Enter this in your navigation system/App:

Kronthaler Weiher
An der Melkstatt
85435 Erding
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By plane?

The nearest airport is Munich International Airport, aka MUC, which is about 15 km (9 mi.) from Erding.

From MUC it should normally take you about 15 minutes by car or cab to get to Erding.

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Or you can take a bus between the Airport and Erding.

Bus 512 leaves the airport ca. every 40 min., and you will be in Erding in about 35 min. Unfortenately you are not allowed to take a bike in this bus.

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Take your bike?

If you want to take your bike traveling to us use the S-Bahn S8 to Leuchtenbergring or Ostbahnhof.

Or take the S1 to Hauptbahnhof.

Should accessibilty be something you have to take into account for your travels then take a look at this overview of the MVV.

From either stations you will take the S2 again and follow the description above Coming by train please.

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Not your question?

Your question is not one of these? Just reach out to us using the form under Contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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